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Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) describes the techniques used to manipulate the structure and content of a website so that it could appear at the top of the search results on the most popular search engines. As the Internet – and the importance of search engines – has developed, search engine optimisation has become a significant area of marketing within forward-thinking companies who recognise the role of search engines as a primary tool for web users to find a product or service online.

There are large number of companies that now offer search engine optimisation, using a wide variety of techniques and vastly different budgets. Yet as the volume of websites increase, the number of prominent search engines has declined to effectively 4 main tools that dominate the UK market, so that the competitive nature of search engine optimisation is making it harder for many websites to enter the market.

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However, search engine optimisation should be part of any website development and the targeting of search terms throughout a site needs to be matched to the opportunities available at the particular stage of a website’s life. At the Web Search Workshop UK we have been optimising websites successfully since 2000 and have the broad experience of having worked on hundreds of sites of all shapes, sizes and subjects.

In this section we explain more about what search engine optimisation is and what you can expect to achieve. We also outline the different types of web optimisation strategy, the typical costs of optimising a website and provide our top SEO tips that are essential to make your search engine optimisation campaign effective.

We also include an in-depth review on the main search engines and directories that are important to focus on to achieve the best coverage of the UK market, as well as search tools that can help within specific business areas, such as local search engines or shopping search tools.

We also include a section on link popularity, which describes the importance of building links into your website from other third-party websites, as this is increasingly becoming an important factor that will determine how well a website will perform within the search engine results.

If you’d like to speak to us directly about optimising your website for the main UK search engines, please contact us now or request a FREE website assessment to receive a ‘no obligation’ review of your website and our proposals on what you could achieve with search engine optimisation.