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Free marketing report

FREE – A 30-minute marketing report on your website

Before deciding what to do with your website, request a FREE website assessment from Web Search Workshop UK.

Sent by e-mail, this report will include an assessment of your website’s:

  • current placement – where is your site currently indexed and how does it rank for relevant search terms?
  • site structure – how does the design and structure of your website contribute to your search engine optimisation?
  • use of content – does your site use it’s content and metatags to best effect?
  • link popularity – how many links does your website have from other sites and how can this benefit your search engine optimisation?
  • pay-per-click advertising – how could this option benefit your website’s online marketing?

We’ll also include a list of recommendations for action that will help to improve your chances of good search engine visibility, together with a summary of the services that we can provide.

Simply complete your details below, and we’ll send you a report, within 5 business days, with no obligation. (Please note that we cannot provide free assessments for organisations outside the UK or for personal non-commercial websites.)

30-minute marketing report request



    Telephone Number:

    Company Name:

    Website address: http://

    How long have you had your current website?:
    Less than 6 months6 months - 1 year1 - 2 yearsOver 2 years

    Key objectives and other comments (such as competitors, recent online issues, current activity):

    Estimated online marketing budget this year (inc. any website development costs):
    Less than £5k£5k - £20k£20k - £50kOver £50k

    Finally, please tell us how you first came across our website:

    If you used a search engine, please state which one:

    If you have any other questions or need additional information about our services, please contact us.

    * This report is provided free of charge and with no obligation. However, Web Search Workshop reserves the right to refuse applications for this service. Please note that due to confidentiality, we cannot provide assessments for business websites to general email boxes (such as Hotmail or Gmail) that do not appear to be linked to the company. If you do use an email address like this, please also provide some proof of your connection with the website you are requesting an assessment for. We will endeavour to respond to a report request within 2 working days, although at busy periods this will be provided within 5 working days or, if longer, we shall notify you about the delay.