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Press release services

Press Releases – Optimisation, hosting & submission

Optimisation is not restricted to websites and webpages alone. Any material to be used on the web can be structured in a way which is search engine friendly and more likely to be found – particularly if you have in mind from the outset, a search term or two by which you would like the press release to be found.

Press releases can provide additional search engine visibility

There are numerous press release distribution sites on the web, with varying price-packages depending on the level of coverage you desire. The free services offer good value, giving online coverage to your story which can then be syndicated to other websites and news services. As such, an eye-catching story can eventually be picked up by a larger site or even a journalist – both of which can take your story to the next level of publicity.

The extent to which the free services can achieve this level of coverage is limited – for example, a journalist might only pick-up on your story indirectly via syndicated news services, and as such will be aware that the story is not ‘breaking-news’ or exclusive to them, so may be picked up by other journalists. Therefore most of the press release distribution websites offer tiered-packages from $10 – $300+ with varying levels of syndication, exposure and other benefits such as links back to your site.

Try to find a ‘hook’ or angle on the story to make your press release more engaging and to emphasise the message

An interesting, unique or genuinely newsworthy press release is likely to get better coverage and attract more attention, particularly from human-beings such as journalists and web-users. But the way in which the story is presented can often be paramount in its success at attracting attention.

In addition to hosting press releases, we can also research, write, optimise and distribute press releases according to your requirements. Please Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

We also provide a range of services and advice relating to search engine marketing, such as the provision of reports on visitor traffic or search engine rankings. As the web has become more competitive we have seen a rise in demand for competitive analysis, benchmarking and ‘opportunity assessment’ activities. This increasing competitiveness has also raised the importance of traffic conversion – since visitor traffic can be harder to attract – and this has increased the emphasis on website usability and accessibility, in order to make the most of that traffic. So technology such as analytics and split-testing have also grown with the demand for more detailed website usage data and ultimately higher conversion rates.

Take a look at our reports and analysis page for an outline of the reports we can provide – these projects are undertaken by our search marketing consultants, and all our reports are created bespoke – according to your specifications or requirements.

To find out more about search engine marketing and what your website could achieve, contact us now, or request a FREE website assessment.