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UK search engines and directories

If you're looking specifically for UK information, many of the top US search tools now offer regional versions of their services, allowing restricted searching within a country's websites.

Search engines

The UK is currently covered by AltaVista, Google, HotBot, Lycos, MSN, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves, plus the 'pay-per-click' tool, Overture.

Genuine search engines developed in the UK are few and far between. They are often mostly run by software companies as a showpiece of their technology, yet struggle in the face of the big US search engines, both in terms of brand name, accuracy and size of index. A few useful search engines are:


Most of the 'home-grown' search tools that only cover UK websites tend to be compiled directories and these vary in their depth and quality of information. The list of good UK sites is dwindling, with the demise of the long-established UK Directory in July 2002 and the changes at UK Plus, but some notable directory sites are:

For more information about UK search tools, the Search Engine Spy website is a useful resource.

Finally, one issue often overlooked by UK websites is the use of a .co.uk domain name as several key search engines will only list sites using this domain within UK-specific searches. Therefore if you are targeting the UK market it will be important to not just restrict your website to a .com domain name, but have a .co.uk site available for indexing as well.

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