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Clive Hawkins

Clive Hawkins, the web search workshopClive Hawkins is the founder and owner of the web search workshop. Having pursued a career as a direct marketing specialist within the publishing and retail sectors, Clive became involved with online marketing in the early days of the World Wide Web, soon after 1995.

As the use and applications afforded by the Internet grew during the late 1990s, he recognised the need for businesses to be found through search engines - at the time, the leading tools were headed by AltaVista, Lycos and the Yahoo directory, as well as the nascent Google search engine.

After a year or so developing his search engine optimisation skills and techniques, Clive launched the web search workshop in May 2000. The business has grown substantially each year and led to the formation of the sister company, The Web Marketing Workshop, in 2003, which offers a wider range of online marketing services to existing and new clients.

Clive Hawkins has been actively involved in the development and promotion of search engine optimisation and marketing, including writing a series of articles for Practical Internet magazine in 2001-02. He has also provided search engine optimisation training courses as well as helping companies and organisations use search engines more effectively as a business tool. Clients have included the Ministry of Defence, Business Links and D&B.

In the Autumn 2006, Clive Hawkins established a new office for the web search workshop in Sydney, offering search engine marketing services in Australia as part of a new Internet marketing company, plus he continues to run SEO training courses for Australian companies.

The UK business continues to thrive under the management of James Taylor, so if you would like to have an initial discussion with James, or any of the web search workshop's other marketing specialists, please contact us now on 01892 664220.