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Ask optimisation: achieving a high ranking on the Ask search engine

Ask - how to achieve a high ranking on the Ask search engine

Ask is the fourth largest search property in the English-language market and therefore shouldn't be ignored, particularly when targeting the consumer market. As Ask Jeeves, this was traditionally the 'easy to use' search tool where simple questions would generate results, although it always relied on a mixture of it's own editorial listings or listings from other search engines, which meant that finding information could be a bit hit or miss.

Ask's search results are generated from the Teoma search index, which was hailed as a significant competitor to Google when it was launched in 2000, as Teoma grouped associated sites together and placed a strong emphasis on interlinking with related sites. Ask also relies heavily on presenting results from pay-per-click results (currently Google AdWords) but it can also be important to do well within its natural search engine listings.

Submitting a site to Ask.

Ask doesn't currently provide an online submission form so that the only way to get a site indexed on this tool is to wait for the search spider to find the site through links from other existing sites. This can mean that getting a new site listed or updated pages to be indexed is a slow process - the slowest of all the main search engines as it can take 4 months or more for changes to be recorded.

Ask will eventually deep index a website although this can take several visits and therefore possibly up to a year. Although framed sites or dynamically-generated pages can get indexed eventually, this search engine is the hardest to achieve a listing for all or most pages within a site.

Factors to consider for a high search engine ranking on Ask.

The Ask search engine has been developed from the original Teoma search technology and takes account of the same basic factors as the other main search engines, although links and the importance of a network of related content sites are a key factor here. As a result, the Home Page of a website can have a very high status on Ask and therefore it can be possible to achieve a wide range of rankings with this single page if it is optimised effectively.

Factors to consider to achieve a high ranking include:

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